Discover how to live a more fulfilling and empowering life; a life of happiness, responsibility, ownership and peace.

Merryl Chopra

Merryl Chopra

My purpose:

“To help people end their inner suffering and to help them come to the realization that accessing a more fulfilling life is so much closer than they could ever imagine”

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Mind Clearing

Mind Clearing helps you gain a fuller understanding of why you do the things you do; why you behave the way you do; and why you feel the way you do. With these realizations come the internal drive and motivation to take action from a place of empowerment and ownership of one’s life.

Emotional Trauma Release

Emotional Trauma Release works to clear emotions that have been stored within the body from childhood, early on in life or from traumatic life episodes. Failure to free the body from the effects of emotional pain can lead to catastrophic illnesses both mental and physical. Clarity of mind is one aspect of healing; clarity of body and mind completes the equation.