Mind Clearing

I would not have been able to investigate my ego-mind without Merryl’s steady support for the past year. I seek her guidance when I want to move into truth, and although I may have resistance to her suggestions, I keep referring to her advice despite the excuses my ego generates. I am eternally thankful to her and feel secure knowing that she has an anchor to the truth and is generously available to me whenever I need her guidance.
–Farishta Zarify

Mind Clearing is a precise communication technique that uses the self inquiry process to help clients become more efficient and clear with their communication while uncovering the many layers of the mind. This process marries the client’s ability with the therapist’s ability to gain optimal results. It’s a perfect partnership where the client receives an instruction from the therapist, goes inside and contemplates the instruction, and delivers a response to the therapist. The therapist receives the communication and thanks the client for their communication. This cycle repeats until a breakthrough, clearing or free space takes place. Intention is the process of deciding, choosing or using one’s will to get somewhere or to do something. When we INTEND to do something we get it done. In Mind Clearing, one chooses or decides to get help or to work on the challenges of their lived experiences. That’s where the process begins. The journey and the destination happens during the therapeutic relationship.

Areas of focus includes the following:

Current problems — a problem that is recent and may relate to work, spouse, friend, parents, children, or other. Clearing current problems opens the way for deeper work should one which to go there.

Chronic current problem — this relates to an experience that has occurred in the past, yet it keeps interrupting the present despite many attempts to resolve it or let it go.

Depth work — This area works on the deeper unresolved areas of the past and may involve “trauma”, such as major life violations, and/or a long standing history of verbal, emotional abuse or neglect

Karma Clearing — A process of confronting the things you did that you think you shouldn’t have done or the things you failed to do that you think you should have done in your estimation. A powerful process which has been known to lead to seemingly miraculous experiences.

“Merryl is one of the most genuine, real and determined person I’ve ever met. She pursues the Truth like a fierce warrior who never gives up. Her passion in helping others find their Truth is no less. I feel confident knowing that Merryl is on my side. She is quietly patient, deeply focused, and lovingly nudges the truth out of you. I would recommend her to anyone.”