Emotional Trauma Release

Emotional Trauma Release works with the body to clear emotions that have been stored within the body from childhood, early on in life or from traumatic life episodes. The body is seen as the “slave to the mind.” It feels everything the mind impresses upon it.

Dr. Arthur Janov, psychologist, wrote about the effects emotional pain have on the body in his famous book, The Primal Scream back in 1970. In a similar book written in 2014 by psychiatrist Dr. Bessel van der Kolk, The Body Keeps The Score, the effects of emotional pain and its entrapment and damage to the body were further researched and described at length.

The body is an intelligent entity and plays a very vital and pivotal role in all of our lives. Everything on this physical plane begins and ends with our body. Failure to free the body from the effects of emotional pain can lead to catastrophic illnesses both mental and physical. Clarity of mind is one aspect of healing; clarity of body and mind completes the equation.

I’ve heard many clients describe having a clear mind and being able to see and understand things clearly, yet they can’t seem to shake the fact that they continue to be reactive, angry, irritable and frustrated by seemingly minor events. There is that sense of confusion and conflict between knowing from a mental point of view and responding from a physical point of view. The problem is with the body. The body has not been given the same level of attention and focus that the mind has been given; therefore there is a mismatch between the two entities. One entity, the mind, is ready to forge ahead, but the body, says, “no, no…I am not ready…I am still afraid…I am still worried…I don’t know how to face this.” Emotional Trauma Release works on such emotions that are trapped in the body and allows a safe and nurturing outlet for them.